Providing high quality equipment, know-how from reliable manufacturers we have been working with for many decades, our long experience, our highly trained staff, we provide comprehensive solutions for hydrological, meteorological and oceanographic applications.
Specifically, the company has the know-how and offers specialized, high-quality and reliable solutions ranging from portable hydrological equipment to complete stand-alone metering stations in inland, sea or coastal waters or solely providing data but also services that contribute to the best and more efficient use of infrastructure, increased productivity, etc.
Indicative metering solutions / applications / services we offer in conjunction with our affiliate network include:
• Marine and coastal waters
- topographic, subsurface, hydrographic, morphological maps
- geological, geotechnical, geophysical and oceanographic surveys
- survey / mapping / routing and cable support
- collecting and processing oceanographic data

• Inland waters (measurement / observation of quantitative parameters related to currents, waves, level, meteorological data)
- lakes, reservoirs, dams
- irrigation and water channels
- river waters and ecological benefits

• Drainage and rainwater networks
- tonnage, gravity conductance and pumping capacity control
- Sewerage Benefits & amp; water supply in a "closed" network
- calculation of rainwater runoff / inflow and overflow volume
- assessment of the impact of the sewage system on the aquifer and vice versa
- estimation of consumption indices by region, determination of consumption variation

• Integrated systems
- early / valid warning
- management of extreme events (floods, fires)

• Measurement / observation of quality parameters related to sampling, analysis, marine pollution, noise monitoring

Services we are proud of and pioneering in the Greek area include:
• Selection of suitable instruments / equipment / solutions according to our customers' requirements
◦ completeness & amp; reliability of measurements
◦ low maintenance cost & maintenance of the equipment offered
◦ the real cost of the investment taking into account the financial requirements over time
◦ the real needs of our customers
◦ the real needs of our customers
• Training in the use, maintenance of equipment and software.
• Installation, maintenance, technical support of integrated, automatic hydrological / meteorological / oceanographic stations & networks.
• Development of web applications and environmental data management software solutions focusing on the requirements of our customers.
• Data services that do not require our client to be involved in the installation, maintenance, maintenance of metering stations. Download the requested data at regular intervals or online in near real time.