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Who we are

METRICA SA founded in 2005 with main activity representing high precision metering systems in Greece. The company relies on the expertise of experienced staff, which has presence in the metering applications over 15 years and consists of Surveying Engineering / Kush, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering / Kush, Chemical Engineering / Kush, Foresters and Geologists. It has deep expertise in order to provide advisory services for the selection of appropriate equipment.

We propose solutions for simple and complex applications in the fields of Surveying, Industry, Shipping and the Environment. 

Our Mission

To provide professionals innovative solutions / high quality services in accordance with European standards. Solutions that improve productivity, increase quality of work and reduce their operating costs.

Our Vision

To maintain leadership position in the Greek market with innovative, high-precision measuring solutions / technologies.


METRICA SA in the context of quality assurance has received the following certifications: 

1ISO Quality Management Certificate by the body ABS Quality Evaluations by May 2007.

2Certificate of Environmental Management / EMS (Environmental Management System / EMS) ISO 14001: 2004.

3Since February 2011 the volumetric fuel tank inspections carried out based on ISO 7507-1, ISO 7507-2, ISO 7507-4, API Standard 2552.

4Calibration Service Laboratory.

Corporate Responsibility

Company operates respecting the principles and values of our culture. Within the framework and rules set by the business ethics and recognizing the responsibility that corresponds to us, towards society and the environment, developing actions with similar character.  

  • The company METRICA AE is certified by the International Environmental Management Standard ISO 9001: 2015.
  • The company METRICA AE participates in an approved collective alternative waste management of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) of APPLIANCES RECYCLING SA with producer registration number 01461.
  • The company METRICA AE supports the local community by maintaining constant cooperation with local businesses and strengthening the municipal action.
  • The company METRICA AE supports the academic community through actions such as:

Cooperation with liaison offices related to the subject of the company activity, academic institutions in the country to conduct practical training of students. The company gives the opportunity for permanent cooperation, depending on the job and needs for personal gain.

Free software available peak in educational organizations and institutions.

Organization of educational presentations to students to learn about developments and new technologies in the sector of interest.

The company METRICA AE supports the local community by maintaining constant cooperation with local businesses and strengthening the municipal action.

EU Programs

METRICA AE company strengthened under the Regional Operational Program of Attica NSRF 2007-2013. It works based on European standards and meets all the standards under which it may participate in projects financed by European funds. Eneiktika refer our participants:

Premarpol program. Supply and installation of pilot operation of sensors within the project "Prevention and marine pollution in commercial and tourist ports - (PREMARPOL). Implementation of the Oceanographic Center of the University of Cyprus, the Cyprus University of Technology, the Rhodes municipality and the Regional Unit Samos. The project is financed by the Cross-Border Program Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013 and cooperation from national resources.

Agroclima Program - Water Resources Management in agricultural coastal environments - Adaptation to the impacts of climate change / Water Resources Management of Coastal Agricultural Environments - Resilience of Climate Change Impacts. COOPERATION 2011 "AGROCLIMA" - Ref. Project 11SYN_3_1913.