Rental Equipment

GPS / GNSS Rental, Geodetic Station Rental, Laser Scanner Rental, Environmental Equipment Rental etc.

Do you want to get the most out of your work using all the latest technological tools? Are you a new engineer and have no equipment? Or is your equipment old enough to live up to your expectations?

At METRICA we give importance to the flexibility that every modern professional needs to achieve their goals. Considering the rapid technological developments, the greatest demands in the field, the different applications that you are required to complete, we suggest a wide range of rental solutions.

"Change the way you work, transform yourself into a modern professional.

Take advantage of the benefits of rental services."

Refurbished fleet of receivers GNSS (Full GNSS): Each professional chooses the receiver they want and works with technologically upgraded equipment whenever they wish by choosing the daily, weekly or premium rate, depending on their job requirements.

Wide range topographic equipment : Whether it is a simple geodetic station or a MultiStation such as the MS50 with 3D scanning, 3D laser scanner or Drone for aerial mapping, the choice is yours. You can complete any application you wish at any time.

Flexible billing packages, depending on your needs: Not all professionals have the same needs. Daily billing is helpful but not always. At METRICA, we have created different billing packages to cover different work situations throughout Greece. Contact us for more details.

Shipping to any part of Greece: Wherever you are, you can use the rental services and take advantage of the privileges we have set for professionals in the province. Contact us.


Quality guarantee, reliability, service and affordable prices.

Rental services give you the flexibility you need to respond to any application consistently and reliably, using state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated methodology..

At METRICA SA we have a wide range of equipment to rent for every professional to be able to cover every type of application, from simple survey work to complex measurements in industry and the environment. With every type of equipment you have free educationin the use of instruments, expert advice as well as excellent technical support. You will also find additional services such as data processing, software services, etc.

See here the brochure of basic equipment for rent! Choose from different types of equipment that best suits your needs.

Contact us for any information 210 28 15 440.