HxGN Smart Net

The HxGN SmartNet is the GNSS correction service based on the largest network of reference stations worldwide. Allows GNSS-enabled devices to quickly determine positions accurately 1-2 centimeters. The service is available 24 hours to 24 hours from a high availability infrastructure and a professional support team with more than 10 years to provide reliable service.



The HxGN SmartNet gives users the ability to use the Beidou satellite formation while covering all of Greece with RTK - NRTK accuracy (1 - 3 cm 3D).
It addresses all geodetic GPS users, regardless of manufacturer, and increases productivity in most (for RTK subscriptions receivers must support GPRS - NTRIP protocol).

For use satellites Beidou , the HxGNSmartNet supports data format i-MAX (receivers Leica Geosystems AG). Any market receiver supports this format data can use that satellite formation reaping all the benefits arising from its use.

For new users of our network is possible "trial" period of 7 days and available flexible packages designed to meet the different needs of users.

Advantages SmartNet Greece:

Using satellite formation BeiDou: The network stations have been upgraded and now supports and satellites BeiDou who have several advantages for network users such as increased availability of satellites, problem even in areas that were not possible, etc.

Certification: is the only network that is resolved annually since Aristotle and ensures maximum accuracy and coincidence with the coordinates of HEPOS the order of 4 mm.

Flexibility: It offers several different subscription packages designed to meet the different needs of users.

Smart & easy online management via special software that makes use of real-time control routine.

Reduce errors using different network techniques MAX, FKP, iMAX, VRS throughout mainland Greece, the Ionian Islands and the Cyclades and Single Base data on individual islands.

Providing post-processing services such as downloading of static observations (RINEX - VRINEX) and resolution observations (Computation Service).

Unparalleled technical support: Effective communication & support to qualified personnel field.


Network solution (NRTK) VS Solving from a station (RTK - Single Base)

The advantages of the former is significantly technical and technological level. Specifically, the use of offers users:

Larger coverage with the result that the user can work on the entire surface being coated by cycles of more than 60 km radius (GNSS receivers) to reference stations center.
Greater accuracy RTK data, said resolving more bases thus obtained better geometry (triangulation).
Better undo the atmospheric errors due to ionospheric model creation in the coverage of permanent reference station area.
The management of reference stations as a network of Leica SpiderNet software and the ability to export reports (log reports) with abundance of detail as to the reliability of the measurements, the satellite health, and more.

Learn about the possible ways of connecting the HxGN SmartNet network, and transformations for converting coordinates in Greek EGSA system 87

1RTK – NTRIP, real-time corrections via GPRS Internet.

2Post Processing data for subsequent resolution measurements in the office.

3Real Time DGPS via NTRIP corrections to bases greater than 60km (typically) from the nearest reference station.

For more information visit the following link: https://hxgnsmartnet.com/el-gr

Note:The network is aimed at all users of GPS Devices regardless of manufacturer and maximizes productivity (for RTK subscriptions the receivers must support GPRS - NTRIP protocol). The use of the Network Services implies the express and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions governing its operation. The Terms of Use are published on www.metrica.gr and are available from METRICA SA. to any interested party./

Strategic partnership

The agreement with Leica Geosystems and Smartnet Europe makes HxGN SmartNet network member of the first resulting in continuous monitoring, support, full access to new versions of SW and new technology..

Cooperation with Bulgaria's reference station network HxGN SmartNet for data exchange.

National Observatory of Athens - Exchange of data and control network. The PONT stations, PRVK, LEMN, KASI, VLSM belong to NOA and incorporated in HxGN SmartNet contract basis network. Also in cooperation with SA the KRPS stations, NEAB and SKYR have installed. These receptors belong to HxGN SmartNet network and installed at points selected by NOA which has arranged for the hospitality and telemetry.

AUTH - Continuous monitoring of reference stations, creating a single transformation and certification network.
the MetricaNet network data will receive officially two foreign universities (University of Nevada, University of Arizona) to conduct research for the development of seismic modeling world and the «Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia» based in Bologna, Italy.

Providing data network for educational and research purposes: the University of Patras - Department of Geology at the Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography and Pecný Observatory and at the Charles University in Prague (Dep. Of Geophysics). Within these partnerships belonging and inclusion of 3 new stations in HxGN SmartNet network in Agrinio-Mesologi area.